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Upper Elementary School


The Upper Elementary serves students from grades 4 to 6 and has a focus on strengthening literacy and math skills for all students. Unlike many other schools, our school adopted a departmentalized educational model for the 4th - 6th grades to ensure that mathematics and the sciences are taught by a content expert. The focus is on placing content specific teachers in assignments that are consistent with their expertise and academic training.

We use the “Best Practices in Teaching and Learning to:

  • Engage students in active learning experiences

  • Set high, meaningful expectations

  • Provide, receive, and use regular, timely, and specific feedback

  • Become aware of values, beliefs, preconceptions

  • Recognize and stretch student styles and developmental levels

  • Seek and present real-world applications

  • Understand and value criteria and methods for student assessment

  • Create opportunities for student-faculty interactions

  • Create opportunities for student-student interactions

  • Promote student involvement through engaged time and quality effort