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Parents  are at the core of the work of the LEAP Academy.  They have been engaged from the inception of the School as partners and continue to be engaged in various capacities, as Board members, staff and volunteers.

Scope of Services

LEAP Parents have Access to a variety of services all geared at building

  • an informed parent body

  • an empowered parent body

  • an involved parent body

Parent Support Services:

Informed and Collective Decision Making
  • Leadership Training
  • Leadership positions with the Parents Council
  • Opportunities to serve on the school’s Board of Trustees
School Participation and Civic Leadership
  • Opportunities for engaging in advocacy on issues of importance to the school and the community
  • Opportunities for volunteering
  • Parent-teachers Conferences
  • Leveraging resources and services for the school
Training, Capacity Building and Personal Growth
  • Parents Academy through the Rutgers Centers of Excellence
  • Access to Professional training and Development
  • Connections to programs and services
  • Opportunities for Networking
Comprehensive School Based Health Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Counseling
  • Family Support Interventions

Parents Council

Learning does not end with the school day.  At LEAP Academy, our parents are counted on to continue student learning and to be and active partner in their child’s education.  Whether at home (studying or checking homework) or at the school (meeting with teachers and staff) LEAP parents maintain a visible presence in their children’s learning. 

In order to facilitate parent involvement at the school, LEAP Academy created a Parents Council.  The goals of the Parents Council are to:

  • Uphold and follow the LEAP mission and vision;
  • Engage parents in events and activities throughout the year;
  • Fundraise for the  and other activities and initiatives within the school;
  • Activate and train parent leaders to take on roles of headship; and
  • Advocate and lobby for charter schools.


Monthly meetings are held at either school from 6–8pm when parents are given information on current school events and allowed to openly discuss school matters.  The Council also hosts parent training classes, which offer LEAP parents the opportunity to learn and ask questions about common parenting practices and issues they face with their families. 

Please contact the Parents Council for more information on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved at the school.

Contact Information

Please email us at parentcouncil@leapacademycharter.org