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LEAP Fitness Center

LEAP into a healthier you!

Parent Fitness Class
Bring your energy, water bottle, towel, and sweat! Please come dressed in proper workout attire. Weekly sign-ups are a must! Registration is open every Tuesday through Friday until 8pm for the following week’s class.
Register at this address as accommodations are limited:

After registering, you will receive an email confirmation for attendance to the fitness class if space is available. No childcare is available for this event; therefore, no children are allowed in the fitness center please.

About Laurie Peterson-Faust, Fitness Center Coordinator

Laurie began her career as a fitness instructor in 2008 as a spin instructor.  Immediately she realized that fitness was her passion.  Slowly moving away from a career as a system analyst to a person who finds joy in sharing her love for good health. Convinced that a good workout is delivered when great music, great energy, muscles and sweat comes together.  

With the desire to service a bigger population, Laurie obtained certifications that gave her knowledge in creating a safe and effective full body workout.   She is now a certified personal trainer, a group (aerobic) fitness instructor with specialty certifications in Cycling, Insanity, Mossa: Group Active, Group Core, Group Groove and Group Power and Silver Sneaker.

In addition with leading workout sessions with the high school students and parents of LEAP, Laurie also works at several fitness centers in Camden County.

Her motto is ‘Fit is NOT a destination, it IS a way of LIFE

Contact information: