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Family Support Center


The Family Support Center (FSC) is central to LEAP Academy’s efforts for supporting students and families by improving their health education, nutrition, and social skills through specialized programs, counseling, and behavioral and mental health services.   The FSC plays an important role in bringing together all family and student support units into a comprehensive system of care that is grounded on student and family needs and is holistic in its approach.  Working with the Parent Engagement Unit, the Health and Wellness Center and the College Access Center, it addresses service gaps and fragmentation in areas of Behavior/Life Skills/Academics;  Health Services; Parent Support; and, Trauma, Crisis and Counseling.

Service Focus

Targeted Case Management

Prevention, Early Identification and Intervention

Integrated Continuing of Holistic and Comprehesive Services

Character Building and Behavioral Counseling


Behavioral Health and Counseling Services

The FSC provides a variety of programs geared at preventing behavioral problems, including  intensive social skills teaching; small group counseling; self-management peer programs; exposure to adult mentors; and increased academic support.  Students who need intensive individualized interventions receive intensive social skills teaching; individual behavior modification and management plans; parent training and counseling; and intensive counseling and wrap-around intervention, including referrals for mental health services and psychological assessments.  All students receive support but the FSC tragets its intevnetons based on the aparticular needs of students:

Character Building and Positive Development:

Character Education

The FSC will work with teachers and administrators to help create a school climate that promotes positive character traits, including the six pillars of character: trustworthiness,  respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. A wide range of activities may be used to meet this goal, such as class    lessons, hallway displays, contests, announcements, character trait of the month, random acts of    kindness and assemblies. 


The FSC believes that all   children possess problem   solving skills for conflict resolution. Mediation is a way to resolve differences caused by misunderstandings, name-calling, gossiping,   teasing and arguing. Students will be trained to be a neutral mediator to help their peers in conflict, work out the problem and keep both parties satisfied. A staff member will be present at the peer mediation session. 

Anti-bullying/HIB Education

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)    reports between 15 and 30  percent of students are bullies or victims. The FSC will continue to conduct workshops on bullying for every grade level in the district The sessions will teach students the different types of bullying, the new state laws about bullying and what to do if they witness bullying or are being bullied.