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  • Microscopes Microscopes
  • Portable and Reusable Drinking Water Filter Portable and Reusable Drinking Water Filter
  • Controlling LED lights Controlling LED lights Mr. Chiusano Project Lead the Way Class (PLTW) controlling LED lights with Arduino coding.
  • Prosthetic Arm Prosthetic Arm
  • Costum Ornaments Costum Ornaments
  • Costom Plaques with box Costom Plaques with box
  • Costom Plaques Costom Plaques
  • Table Table
  • Urban Food Forest Urban Food Forest LEAP Academy Charter School students teamed up with students from Rutgers-Camden and several of its professors. To come up with one solution to the city's small number of healthy food sources: an urban farm in the heart of downtown, complete with small vegetable gardens and planters.
  • Custom Engraved Rocks Custom Engraved Rocks


LEAP FabShop

Now, you too can have cool 3D products around your house! 3D printing has a lot of advantages, one of them being that it reduces the time a product takes to be crafted, while reducing the cost it takes to do so. As such, there is almost no limit to what you can design with this technology.

3D printing makes data sharing easier, so there are thousands upon thousands of concepts out there waiting to see the spotlight. Open source allows for access to such content. At the same time, here at LEAP, we have our own products that we would like to introduce in local communities, as well as to the rest of the world. Here you will be able to take a glance at both and hopefully, you will decide to bring one home with you.
All proceeds will be directed to continue the mission of the FabLab and guarantee service to the community.


In keeping with our establish goals and visions, we are designing this shop in order to provide the sufficient funding for maintaining operations. Here you will find two alternatives to obtain cool 3D printed products, from Open Source, and contribute to a good cause. Our catalog provides a very unique chance to find useful 3d printed creations in a single space, and since 3D printing makes data sharing easier, we will always have the most current of 3d projects available.

Also, in the spirit of keeping with the times, we are working very hard to make the entire process of shopping for customized products, especially with our future “Made in LEAP” brand, as simple and effective as possible.
Custom orders requests will taken through

Custom Order

Be it a scissor for an inauguration or a case for your favorite book, needless to say little tokens of appreciation for an unforgettable night (we are very good with our memorabilia) or planters for a gardening project, tell us your idea and we will let you know if we can help you make it a reality.
E-mail us the details and we will take it from there. As soon as we establish commutation, a quote for your project will be offered and with your approval, we will get our staff ready to work on it.