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At the LEAP Academy Fabrication Lab we provide our students with the equipment and materials necessary to make their projects free of charge. In order to continue to provide them these items and add the new equipment necessary to expand our capabilities, we have started a fundraising campaign. The profits from the items sold at the FabShop go towards our fundraising goals. But our current time and space limitations restrict the number of orders that we are available to manage at one time. Due to the high cost of new equipment and stock material for assembly and manufacturing, we are also asking for monetary and materials donations to supplement the money raised by the FabShop.

Monetary Donations

We are looking for any amounts of monetary donations, be it by individuals or public and private groups. Please contact the Director of the Fabrication Lab for more information on how to make a donation to the Fabrication Lab and help us provide our Camden students with the opportunity to design and build new products.

Materials and Equipment Donations

We are also accepting donations in the form of materials and equipment from individuals or public and private groups. We especially interested in acrylic and wood panels used for home construction and industrial manufacturing. We also accept electronic parts, including items with motorized parts and spare items like diodes, capacitors, resistors, etc. We would also accept used machine shop equipment that is in good condition. Please contact the Director of the Fabrication Lab to inquire about donating materials for our Lab.

More Information Contact:
Dr. David Salas, Director of the Fabrication Lab
Phone: 856-614-3245