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Every organization needs people dedicated to its core beliefs and values, in order to maintain operations and fulfill its objectives. LEAP’s FabLab is no different. In addition to the dedicated professionals that work tirelessly to make this a better FabLab, we are joined by many college students, as well as students from the LEAP School District.

Here at LEAP’s FabLab, we not only believe in the power of ethnic diversity, but also diversity in academics and in age. Everybody has something to offer, and in understanding that, we hope to create a more holistic framework.

Carlos Mattei-Ramos
Director of the Fab Lab

Dr. David Salas de la Cruz
Faculty Director of the Fabrication Lab
Phone: 856-614-3245

Rutgers Student Fellows

Justin Estevez
Azaris Melendez
Thomas Whitzer

Rowan & Camden County College
Student Fellow

Eduardo Cruz
Virginia Mateo


High School Student Fellows

Karina Velez – 12th Grade

Fab-Lab Teachers

Steve Brownstein, Engineering and Biology
Lissel Vasilakis, Spanish
Dan Klehamer, Physics and Robotics
Kristen Perrine, Math and Science
Beth Goodman, Technology
Jonathan Delgado-Pena, Industrial Arts & Engineering
Silvia Vazquez, Science and Coding
Brooke Bivona, History and Environmental Justice