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  • Microscopes Microscopes
  • Portable and Reusable Drinking Water Filter Portable and Reusable Drinking Water Filter
  • Controlling LED Lighting Controlling LED Lighting Mr. Chiusano Project Lead the Way Class (PLTW) controlling LED lights with Arduino coding.
  • Prosthetic Arm Prosthetic Arm
  • Costum Ornaments Costum Ornaments
  • Costom Plaques with box Costom Plaques with box
  • Costom Plaques Costom Plaques
  • Table Table
  • Urban Food Forest Urban Food Forest LEAP Academy Charter School students teamed up with students from Rutgers-Camden and several of its professors. To come up with one solution to the city's small number of healthy food sources: an urban farm in the heart of downtown, complete with small vegetable gardens and planters.
  • Custom Engraved Rocks Custom Engraved Rocks
  • recicle paper Recycling Paper Project


Fab Projects

Initiatives catalog

As any organization, LEAP’s Fablab has it’s own initiatives and/or projects to help the jumpstart the community growth that the City of Camden needs. At the same time, we are looking beyond these borders, in the hopes of providing tools of development, for the rest of the world. After all, what is an organization’s reason for existence, if it is not to make something meaningful through its operations?

Following that line of though and that vision, we have two tiers of projects which at most points converge, to obtain a more holistic approach and fulfill our mission.

Fablab Club Projects are mostly conform of LEAP students, from 5th to 12th grade and are the space we provide for the children to work with the Fablab’s Fellows to complete a certain project that has either been assigned to them or they brought to us. Within the Fellows Projects tier, we have projects been carried out by college students, at the under- & graduate levels.

Fab-Lab Club

-Camden City Model
-Portable and Reusable Water Filter
-Prosthetic Arm
-LEAP Memorabilia


Elementary Fab-Lab Club

- Elemental 3d modeling
   and printing
- Lego Robotics
- Snap Circuits &
  Digital Electronics
- Crayon Recycling
- Urban Farming
- Makey Makey interactive
  science games

Upper Elementary Fab-Lab Club

- Lego WeDo Robotics projects
- Makey Makey interactive
   science game design
- Digital Electronics
- Kodable Computer Coding

Robotics Club

- VEX Competition

Environmental Justice Club

- Urban Food Forest
- Greenhouse 
- Community Engagement events

Technology Club

- Electronic Snap Circuits
- Electronic Playground Projects