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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission to LEAP?

  • Families that are interested in enrolling their children simply need to submit an enrollment application.  Applications can be found on the school website or you are welcome to come visit the school.  The Enrollment Office is located on 130 North Broadway, Street (12th Floor)  Enrollment preference is given to students that were enrolled the prior school year and plan to continue attending the school.  New enrollment preference is given to families that reside in Camden City.  Siblings also receive preferred enrollment.
  • Will my child’s test scores be considered during the admission process?

  • No. Student test scores, grades, or special needs are not used in any way as part of the admissions process or lottery.

Do you provide transportation for students?

  • Yes.  Transportation services are based on eligibility based on state regulations.

Do you provide breakfast and lunch?

  • Yes.  We offer breakfast, lunch and a snack and participate in the Free and Reduced Breakfast/Lunch Program.

Do you charge tuition?

  • No. LEAP Academy is a public school and as such is free of charge for New Jersey families. 

Do you have Honors/AP classes?

  • Yes. LEAP offers Honors and AP classes. In addition, students in 11th and 12th grades are eligible to take courses at Rutgers, Rowan or Camden County College through the College/High School Dual Enrollment Program. The Noble campuses offer a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses in addition to the Early College Scholars Program.

If my child is currently on a waitlist, how will I know when admission will be offered?

  • Based on your child’s waitlist number, parents/guardians will be notified by phone or mail if spaces become available. It is extremely important to keep us updated when you move or change your phone number. If a seat opens up and the student is pulled from the waitlist, we would like to contact you immediately without any trouble. If we cannot reach you, we must take the next student on the waitlist.

About the Application Process

How do I obtain an application?

  • Applications are available online or at any of our school buildings.   

Do I have to submit an application for each one of my children?

  • No.  LEAP is a Family School and very Family receives a number upon submitting an application.  In the application you can list all of the children for how you are seeking enrollment.  We try to keep all siblings together as much as possible.   If you are adding siblings, you will do so in the Continuing Enrollment Application that is required each year.

Do I submit my application through mail or personally at the campus for which I am applying to?

  • It is highly encouraged that you submit your application personally. You may also mail your application, however please call the school in order to confirm that it was received. Applications received after the deadline will be placed at the end of the waitlist.

How will students be selected for admission?

  • Once continuing students are placed,  all new students are accepted by a random lottery.  Student test scores, grades, or special needs are not used in any way as part of the admissions process or lottery.

How will I find out if I got accepted?

  • Students who participate in the lottery are notified of their Wait List place in the mail. This letter will provide the applicant with their results from the enrollment process and next steps for enrollment. No information is provided via telephone.

What if my child is not selected in the lottery?

  • If your child is not selected for admission, then your child will be placed on a waitlist. You will be notified what number your child is on the wait list in writing.

If my child is selected for admission, is he or she automatically enrolled?

  • No, if your child is selected for admission, you will be notified by mail asking you to first accept admission and complete a pre-enrollment packet.
Contact Information

Norma Agron, Director-Enrollment, Student Records and Transportation Services
(856) 614-2092 | normar@camden.rutgers.edu