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Educational Model

The LEAP model is built on the premise that a school can enhance the education and future career opportunities for urban minority children and families through the development and sustainability of strategies that are grounded on collaboration, integration, entrepreneurship and community development.  The educational foundation for the school is anchored on a dual focus that addresses closing the achievement gap and ensuring college preparation and completion among African American and Latino students who are poor and mostly first-generation college students.

LEAP sustains its entire enterprise by establishing an organizational and governance structure that is entrepreneurial, effectively allocates resources, and is highly accountable.   Its academic offering embraces   the importance of placing college and career readiness at the center of its normative structure—one that encompasses high expectations for students, educators, and families.  LEAP’s reach encompasses the entire family and sustains children from cradle through college and into productive adulthood.


To enhance opportunities for the children and families of Camden through the collaborative design, implementation, and integration of education, health, and human services programs and through community development.

That mission is sustained by a commitment to providing “Camden City students with the knowledge and skills to pursue post-secondary education, while building and sustaining an environment where all members of the educational community are committed to continuous growth and development toward high academic standards and are partners in building a positive, collaborative and nurturing community and dynamic learning environment.”

Five Core Elements of the LEAP Model

  • 1


    Accountability for People, Time, Money and Programs
  • 2


    Pipeline of College Access for all students from PreK- 16
  • 3


    Teacher Development and Support
  • 4


    Parental Engagement
  • 5


    Early Early Learning means Later Earning

A Focus on Pipeline Development the Rutgers/LEAP Pipeline to College