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Centers of Excellence


Rutgers University serves as LEAP Academy’s strategic partner and has played a role in its development, growth and sustainability.  Through the leadership of Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, Rutgers led the planning efforts that resulted in the establishment of the charter school. This partnership is reflected in LEAP’s organizational structure and has been ratified by resolutions from the Rutgers Board of Governors.  

Rutgers’s support is channeled to the school through Rutgers/LEAP Centers of Excellence that focus on providing services to students, families and the LEAP staff and teachers.  The services provided through the Rutgers Centers of Excellence are geared at sustaining the educational pipeline created by LEAP and include the Early Learning Research Academy that provides educational programs to children for birth through 5 and through the work in preparing students for college admissions and sustaining LEAP alumni through their college trajectory.

The Centers of Excellence include:
  • Early Learning Research Academy
  • College Access Center
  • Health and Wellness Center
  • Family Support Center
  • Parents Academy
  • Fabrication Lab

Other supports are provided through the development of opportunities for service learning for college students and faculty engagement through specialized projects.

The combination of LEAP and Rutgers programs, as well as the presence of Rowan and Camden County Community College, makes it possible for a child to be educated from infancy through graduate school at an educational institution located along Cooper Street.