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Message from Principal Jovita Veguilla

Welcome to the
Lower Elementary School 


Dear Parent, It’s that time of the year again. Even though the weather still hints at summer, we want to welcome all new and returning parents to an exciting 2016-2017 school year. This year, the Lower School will be the home to both innovative programs and changes that are geared to ensure that the students and families of LEAP Academy are afforded every opportunity to succeed.

The administrative team of the Lower School will be focusing on supporting teachers both in and out of the classroom and help them in assuring that all LEAP students have access to a rich and rigorous academic experience. Also, the administrative teams are focused on helping all staff grow as professionals by “opening” the learning environment. The engine that will power this growth will be LEAP Academy’s focus on Lesson Study. LEAP teachers will be asked to open up their classrooms to their peers and all staff, whether new or experienced, will add to the collective knowledge base that will propel LEAP Academy forward.

Your child’s academic success is a priority for every staff member here at LEAP, and we hold a fundamental belief that every child can reach their maximum potential. We are a parent focused school and look forward to working with you this year. Our building is a community built on a foundation of respect, accountability, determination, and compassion that is solidified throughout the year through in-service training for staff, and engaging programs for students and families. Below are upcoming programs and events sponsored by our school.

August: Getting to Know You

Parents will learn about the school, instructional expectations, and routines. Introduce 7 habits to parents so we can establish a strong school- home connection.

October: Walk and Read

Parents will get a chance to read with their children. Teachers will model interactive reading skills for parents and talk about grade level expectations.

December: It is a Math World

Teachers will share with the parents PARCC / NJLS (CCSSS) problem solving skills. This will be an opportunity for parents to learn about 8 Mathematical practices.

February: All About PARCC

Parents will learn about the PARCC assessment and how the students will be assessed. Teachers will provide hands-on experiences for parents to experiment with “online” test taking.

April: Writing R “US”

Teachers from various grade levels will share with parents the end of year portfolio assessment and samples. Parents will review the expectations and requirements to score proficient for each grade level.

June: Celebrate “US”:

Our staff members are nurtured and valued starting at recruitment, orientation, monthly development sessions, CPTs, shout outs, Wow-Moments, and rewards. LEAP Academy administration and faculty will recognize the parents who successfully complete the parent programs such as ESL, college readiness, volunteerism, etc. and recognize teachers, parents who promote 100% attendance.

October 11, 2016

ESL/ Dual Language Program: Induction. Importance of being bilingual ESL classes for parents

December 6, 2016

How can I help my child?

Understanding my rights as a parent

February 7, 2017

WIDA and ESL programs in NJ
Why is ACCESS 2.0 important for my child?

April 4, 2017

Standardized tests and ELLs
What are my rights as a parent?

June 6, 2017

Looking forward to working in partnership with all of you!!


Jovita Veguilla