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Message from Principal Jorje Calixto


Dear LEAP families,

LEAP Academy’s Intermediate School works directly with students in grades 7 and 8 as they prepare to transition into high school. The emphasis during these years is on developing the necessary habits of mind to begin to engage in independent learning and prepare for advanced level high school courses.  Attention is also given to the area of career awareness, as students begin to define their academic and career interests.  The school’s curriculum focuses on high level skill development in Mathematics and English/Language Arts. 

Working with our teachers and support staff, the LEAP Intermediate School offers a personalized academic program for all of its students.  Teachers engage with students as facilitators of knowledge and coaches of learning as they guide students to take charge of their own learning, invent their own solutions, and develop self-management techniques.  A fabrication lab on-site provides teachers and students with access to the school’s own Maker Space and a lecture hall provides opportunities for large group presentations. These two resources simulate a college experience as students are exposed to skills that prepare them for a future college career.  Below are upcoming programs and events sponsored by our schools.

August: Parent/Guardian Orientation

The LEAP families will have the opportunity to learn about our school’s mission, routines, and student expectations.  In addition, we will introduce the 7 highly effective habits for successful teenagers which will help build our children’s self-confidence and interpersonal skills, increase student achievement, and improve each student's character.

September: Back to School Night

Our teachers and staff will meet and greet LEAP families while they learn more about our schools’ curriculum, daily schedules, and classroom rituals and routines.  Each parent will learn more about our on-line textbook resources,
on-line intervention programs, and teachers’ class syllabus.

Our children will have the opportunity to attend a meet and greet evening event. There will be different team building activities and fun competitions.  

October:  First Community Service Project Event

We are preparing a community service project event that will get all students to “Walk for the Cure” at Cooper River.  Students will fundraise in order to sponsor the walk as a school. 

Our students in the Light House Club will have the opportunity to read to our children with our Pre-K students.  Only those who have reached LEAP Scholar status will have the opportunity to spend a day with our Pre-K students during the day as part of their community service project. 

November: 2nd Community Service Project

Our children will sell scarves to buy 30 – 40 Thanksgiving meals for those less fortunate families in the City of Camden.  As part of their community service project, the LEAP Scholars will make scarves to sell, and along with Family Support Center, will provide 20 - 30 meals for LEAP Families that would benefit from a Thanksgiving meal. 

December: Secret Snow Flake Collection/Book Exchange

As part of our 7 highly effective habits, our goal is to get children to learn from one another.  As part of our Light House Club, children will have the opportunity to learn from one another by participating in a team activity called the secret snow flake exchange.  Students will learn to work together through a series of team building exercises.  As a final project, children will participate in a gift giving event where students learn about each other.

January:  In Service Day

Our children will be collecting can goods for the less unfortunately families.  In addition, our children will be collecting gloves, hats and scarves for those who will need to stay warm during the cold winter. 

February: Seek First to Understand Rather Than to Be Understood

Our students will have the opportunity to attend a sweetheart dance.  Our goal is to give students the chance to learn from one another through an evening of team building exercises. 

March:  Pie Day

Our students will engage in a friendly competition where students will be challenge to learn the digits after the numbers 3.14 in honor of Pi-Day.  The students who wins the competition will get to pie Principal Calixto and win other prizes. 

April: PARCC Rally and School Wide Initiative

Leading up to the PARCC test, the teachers and administrators will participate in PARCC spirit week.  There will be a video competition (how children prepare the best for the PARCC), PARCC spirit week led by students, and PARCC parent night where parents will learn the best strategies to prepare students for this major state test. 

May: Mother & Son Brunch

Our children will prepare an afternoon of events for our LEAP mothers and guardians.  The afternoon will be filled with different activities, leadership opportunities, and awards highlighting our women that are impacting our youth everyday.

June:  Celebrating Our Children’s Success

During an evening of celebrations, our school will recognize our high-achieving students.  Families, students and staff will be recognized for their outstanding work.  We will provide a meal, awards, pins, and certificates for their outstanding dedication to LEAP. 

Our 8th grade graduation will take place in the Upper School gymnasium.

Principal Jorge Calixto