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Academies Requirements

LEAP Academy High School students choose a Course of Study that is reflective of his/her career aspirations and interests. The school’s academic program is anchored on three Academies-- STEM/STEAM, with track options in Engineering, Biomedicine, Computer Sciences and Industrial Arts; Liberal Arts/Social Sciences with track options in Humanities and Social Studies; and Business with track options in Business and Entrepreneurship. During the 9th and 10th grades students take core foundation courses, which prepares them for the 11th and 12th grade concentration in one of the academies. Additionally, throughout the high school years academically eligible students may also participate in Dual College Enrollment college courses and career internships. A Fabrication Lab provides the space for students in all tracks to engage in multi-disciplinary, project-based learning. It also becomes the site for students to engage with faculty in culminating capstone courses that integrate various disciplines.